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  • Scott cakes

    “I sort of think of myself as being in the business of spreading joy,” says local cupcake-maker Scott Cunningham. His iconic cupcake shop, ScottCakes, is a beacon of fun and whimsy on Commercial Street—but it isn’t just any old bakery. With a light and moist base topped with stunning pink frosting, the simple yet beautiful “ScottCake” is the only offering you will find here. But for Cunningham and his customers, this delicacy made of “butter, love, and pink” is all you need.

  • This baker is freeing the world from the tyranny of choice, one pink cupcake at a time

    When you walk into ScottCakes in Provincetown, Massachusetts, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the flamingo pink walls, a Barbie Doll display and busy wall of art and t-shirts for sale. But one aspect of the bakery is completely straightforward. There’s no menu, because the only thing you can order here is a pink cupcake.

  • ScottCakes cupcakes, all year long

    Follow the sweet scent of warm butter and sugar that drifts from a tiny underground storefront if you’re walking on Commercial Street in Provincetown, across from the library. It’s ScottCakes, a cupcake shop with walls painted pink.