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Freeing the world from the tyranny of choice, one pink cupcake at a time

MIC Magazine

Cupcake shop goes old school by only offering one item

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“I sort of think of myself as being in the business of spreading joy.”

Provincetown Magazine

What's a ScottCake? The story behind popular pink cupcakes in Provincetown

WVCB Boston

  • This is the best cupcake I’ve ever had in my life!

    - Chloe Grace Moretz

  • Best Cupcakes’s in America!


  • A Trip to Provincetown is not complete without a SeottCakes visit. We always look forward to having his signature pink eup cakes and usually bring some home for friends.

    - Tom P.

  • They make one thing and make them so well. I admit I went back just about every single day I was in Ptown. Yellow cake, pink frosting. Big or mini size. The staff and merch were also absolutely delightful!

    - MO

  • Walk down Commercial Street and you'll see people carrying the little pink box. It's a dead giveaway that they've been to ScottCakes. Try just one. You'll keep going back. Oh, I live here. I'm a too-frequent visitor 'cause it's just down the street.

    - Littlefield 19